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Born and raised in London by West Indian and South American parents, Tia started blogging back in 2015 and has since taken the industry by storm! Tia has worked with an array of brands across fashion, beauty & travel.

Having trained at the Jodie Kidd Make up school, Tia has always had a real passion for skincare and beauty. Tia has suffered with acne over the years and understands how much it can affect self esteem. As a result Tia strives to be an advocate for women (and men) who are dealing with acne.

Tia has developed a unique voice which is creating waves within the industry! Striving to create conversational content, Tia discusses all kinds of topics from religion, race, relationships and everything in-between. Tia’s YouTube series Friends in the Benz has received a great response from followers.

Tia is passionate about travelling, soaking up new cultures and taking pictures everywhere she goes!