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Jessica Pimental is a 19 year old model and social media personality. She is widely known in the Gen Z community for creating fun and flawless fashion and makeup videos on Instagram and YouTube.

While being at University studying for her degree, Jessica who was born in Portugal started off by organically wanting to show her fellow students how to put together personal looks and styles inexpensively and has since become the go-to girl for personal style inspiration, relatable chats, and beauty advice.

Jessica uses her platform to discuss a multitude of issues to her audience. Staying true to herself, while embracing the vulnerability after suffering with an allergic reaction earlier this year, Jessica has created the #skincareandshare movement, a space for people to follow her own skincare journey, share problematic skin/skin issues, positive skincare journeys, stories, products and more.

Jessica is also an avid LGBT rights supporter and can be often seen on marches and protests as well as speaking out articulacy on the for the rights of her peers. This young women is relatable yet inspiring.