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65.6k                   1.2k                   12.5k

Georgina is a brand ambassador for Torrid (and was the face of the brand’s collection with Rebel Wilson) and has also modeled for Addition Elle and Simply Be.

I started [modeling] in London, but my career really only kicked off when I moved to New York. I’ve been in New York for the last five years—people were more accepting of my size in the States.

I would say my body is definitely ‘curvy,’ obviously, but I don’t really use words exactly to describe it. It’s more…it is what it is. It is curvy. It’s got its lumps and its bumps but that’s what gives it character. Honestly, I don’t feel anything towards the word ‘plus-size.’ It doesn’t affect me. All I worry about is that it affects other people that look to me as inspiration and they’re like, she’s called ‘plus,’ so what does that make me? When, really, it’s just an industry term. Any label’s not a good label.

Honestly, the way I dress, it’s probably hiding my body but it’s always in a way that you’d still know I’m curvy. I’ll wear massive wide-leg pants, but it’ll be cinched in at the waist with a little bodice top. It’s all relative to my style and my style changes daily. I want to be more, not ‘covered,’ but I don’t like to have all my goods on show 24/7.

My favorite part of my body is all of it. But if I could choose just one thing, maybe my tummy, my stomach, my midsection. I think it’s one of the sexiest parts of a woman—on any woman.